All of our handmade functional pottery is food, microwave and dishwasher safe.

Enjoy them with your eyes and with your hands!

David and Junko Young are husband and wife potter team who lives in Gettysburg, PA with their children, Irvin, Elisha, Caleb & Kagen. David"s work is mostly wheel thrown, and is influenced by Japanese and African art. Junko"s work includes hand-built teapots, slab pieces, and etched animal motif on David"s work.

When you come visit us in the summer/fall seasons, you can also enjoy our local farm fresh produce. We offer you a taste of Pennsylvania - tree ripened peaches, heirloom tomatoes, fresh pulled corn, and crisp apples to just to name a few.

We handcraft each piece imagining how you might use it in your daily life. Practical functionality is essential to its conception. We believe that if a work has a practical use then it has an inherent beauty. Our soft colored glazes are married to the pot. They burn on the hilly edges revealing the beautiful clay body, pooling in the valleys with deep, rich color. Each piece of handmade pottery is either wheel-thrown or hand-forged, smoothed, and finished so it might be inviting to your lips and pleasing on your dinner table, finished like jewels. All pieces of our handmade functional pottery are microwave and dishwasher safe. Lead-free glazes ensure the safety for both food and drink.

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